Ep.5 – Science Monthly Recap

Today, Rackeb Tesfaye and Brïte Pauchet host our first Science Monthly Recap, with clips from Evelyne Kasparek and Selina Liu. Paralysis, AI, evolution in our own blood and eternal youth. Yes. This is science!


First, Evelyne walks us through new research that is helping paralyzed monkeys walk again! And this is not science fiction.

Then, Selina jumps in real science fiction: an artificial intelligence trained to help scientists navigate in the huge amount of scientific publication:  Semantic Scholar.

Back to the real world with Brïte interviewing Dr Luis Barreiro, from Sainte-Justine University Hospital Center, who published in Cell an article showing that Americans of African descent have a stronger immune response to infection compared to Americans of European descent.

Last but not least, Rackeb mesmerize us with no less than eternal youth. Scientist are transfusing blood from younger people to try to stop aging in older people. Let see how that works.






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